The Mega(lo)potamos drowns in water

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The stream that flows through the Kourtaliotiko gorge is called Mega(lo)potamos (meaning Great River). At the famous Preveli palm beach, it flows into the Libyan Sea. Up from the springs and all year round it runs water. The springs never dry up. Above them, the stream bed is drying up at the latest during the summer. From the road that leads through the gorge, a path descends the steep slope and brings us to the springs (pictures in the Gallery Kourtaliotiko Gorge).

This winter, the stream lives up to its name: it is filled with water over the edge and roars, sprays up and (sometimes) flows towards the sea. This winter is extremely rainy and it has been raining for two months nearly every two days (to the touch).
More and quite detailed information are given by the german Wikipedia.

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Auch auf: / As well in: Deutsch

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