Facelifting at the port of Damnoni

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This small harbor is protected against western and northern winds. It is located on the west side of Damnoni Bay on the rising eastern flank of Cape Kakomouri.
It escapes my knowledge for how long this port was in use. However, there are documents from the time of the Russian occupation during 1898 and 1899 mentioning it, including an active lower customs office.

Due to its location on rising land and higher buildings, it proved to be a safe storage location (as opposed to the unsafe, unprotected “port” and its sea-level warehouses in Plakias). For example, carob fruits and olives were often transported from Plakias to Damnoni, where access to smaller ships was easier as well.

During the German occupation, the Nazis set up a watch station.

Since how much time the harbor and the adjoining buildings have been abandoned – this is currently beyond my knowledge. It must have been for several decades, because until the beginning of the current (re)construction activities, there have been a number of building ruins (two of which are still clearly visible), as well as two flat, usable buildings right beside the harbor.

The photos are intended to document the current status of recent construction activity at the port.

The pictures were taken on 16.12.2018.

(©) Andreas Engelhard

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