Kotsifou Gorge

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If you drive through the Kotsifou Gorge (alternative to the driveway to Plakias instead of the Kourtaliotiko Gorge), you will be impressed by the narrowness of the passage. Although the immediate gorge is traversed quickly, I find it more impressive and spectacular than the Kourtaliotiko.

Especially when you consider how much serious effort had to be taken  to extend it to modern road traffic in order to become passable for cars and trucks (1951-1953). At the risk of their lives, rocks no longer visible today were blasted out. What we find to be very close today was, before 1951/53, a much narrower, but fortified, path through the gorge, which was accessible only by donkey transports.

The river/stream of the same name flowing through the gorge empties into the bay of Plakias. It is a dividing line between the villages of Sellia and Mirthios.

(©) Andreas Engelhardt

Auch auf: / As well in: Deutsch

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