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Viewing Plakias Bay from the west, Souda-beach in the middle of the pic – the architect of the landscape surely earned a award!

… and welcome

on this Crete photoalbum or this Crete photoblog!

So let’s see what can be presented over time … Just start small … There are still a lot of pictures within my photo box…

The albums + galleries are intended to describe the area reasonably: the villages, certain landscapes and themes. The blog is intended to represent news, passing/fleeting subjects, and the like.

I focus mainly on the area / surroundings of Plakias. Meaning the municipality of Agios Vasilios with the Finikas and the Lambis areas (ranging from the south coast at Rodakino to the south-west at Agia Galini, see map below). And since the municipality belongs to the regional district (formerly prefecture) Rethimno, this also tends to be taken into account.

The territory of the municipality of Agios Vasilios – map taken from the official community site (http://www.agios-vasilios.gr/map.html)


Photographic subjects beyond that will always have a connection to Crete.

I do not just want to portray photos naked. My claim is to provide comments / explanations to the albums, galleries and blog. Thus, the depicted should be explained in more detail, and if necessary, further links are set. A central link is the one to my website Plakias at Finikas , where you may take a closer look at this area.

With this album I would also like to distance myself from the arbitrariness or the short-livedness of the Facebook or Instagram photo presentations. Although there are often very good and beautiful photos presented, they quickly disappear in the black hole of the timeline. In addition, interested people may be hit, who don’t put any special value on Facebook and Co.


All photographs published on these pages are, unless otherwise stated,  (©) Andreas Engelhardt!

Translated, it means: all on these pages as “(©) Andreas Engelhardt” labelled or watermarked pictures are not allowed to be published without my formally expressed permission!


Editor’s note:

All english texts on this site are a translation from the original german version. I translated as best I was able to do it and with the little help of Google translator. So please forgive any error or mistake. And please let me know any grammatical/orthographical/or other bug. Thanks.

Auch auf: / As well in: Deutsch

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